How can I exclude the files (photos, videos or audios) from the Smooth Gallery already embedded on the website?

We have the feature available to exclude an individual file or files from the gallery already embedded on the website. Once removed from the Cincopa gallery the files will not show up in the website. However, a user can add the removed file, back to the gallery from the CloudDrive. A user does not have to re-embed the gallery to his\her website. Here are the steps to remove the files from the existing gallery:

1. Sign in to Cincopa 

2. Click on "Media Platform" > "My Galleries".

3. Hover your mouse over your gallery, and the following options will appear:
-duplicate folder
-get code

4. Click on "Edit".

5. Select your skin and click "Save and Continue" on the top right corner.

6. You have reach the upload page. On this page you can click on "Remove" to exclude the file(photo, video or audio) which you don't want to appear on your post.

7. After you are done, click on "Finish and Continue".

8. Then you will reach the page where you can edit or remove the captions of every file.

9. Then click on "Save and Continue" and refresh your web site

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