How to group media files by tags on Responsive Imagelist and Accordion slider galleries

Cincopa offers you the possibility to group media files by tags.

NOTE: If a file or several files are untagged, these will be moved to no-tag group automatically.


In order to use this feature please follow the steps below:

1. Create your Cincopa gallery by selecting Responsive Imagelist skin  responsive_imagelist.png  or Accordion Slider skin  Accordion_slider.png

2. On step 2 click on “Advanced” tab .


3. In order to display tagged group name at “Add text” setting select “Tag Name (group images)”.

4.  “Group images” setting set to “ON” and add tags to “Group images tags” text box.

NOTE: In “Group images tags” text box only groups added will be displayed on the preview of the gallery, if left empty all groups will be displayed.

5. Upload media files.

6. At “Add text” > step 4 add tags to your media files.  All untagged files will be moved to no-tag group automatically.


Preview gallery:




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