How to enable or disable photos in your podcast gallery

If you wish to disable photo or image in your podcast gallery to have only text then follow the steps below:

1. Go to "My galleries"

2. Choose the podcast gallery you want to edit.

3. Click on "Edit Gallery"



4. To disable the photo / image please change the "Album Cover Art" to "Hide"





5. To enable the photo / image in your podcast please choose "Auto" or "Custom"





6. Click "Save settings"





Enjoy your podcast player

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    Florida Harvest

    Hello, id like to change my podcast image on iTunes. How do I do that?

  • Avatar
    Dana Wilde

    I followed all of these steps but it's not adding any images but a generic/grey speaker image. I'd like to have an image for each audio.

  • Avatar
    David Glines

    I have just created a podcast gallery. The images though are taken from the official website with no copyright and privacy terms mentioned. How can I be sure I can use these images for my audio files? Is there a way to add a credit to the image taken from achieveessays image gallery?

    Edited by David Glines
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    ankit saini

    Lets try to know all the objective option like how you can operatre of your windows 10 help support . For this process you never need to downlaod any type of the extra file related about but directly you must to read here.

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