Why should I use Cincopa? Can't I just use my own storage/traffic?

We use Amazon S3 Web Services to host your media. You can use our Plugin to upload your contents.

We offer a professional CDN network and authoring tools to help you deliver photo galleries, streaming videos and music to your audience, fast and reliable and cheap BTW (as in not expensive). Running them from your server can be tricky and much more expensive at the end of the day. While it may save some money for entry level sites to work off the bandwidth and storage from their hosting site it may be complicated to setup and maintain to a professional level, end-user experience will always be inferior when compared to a dedicated CDN like Cincopa. Cincopa will allow you to focus on your core site content and leave :

  • Plumbing - making sure that from the moment you upload something and encoding it your users will be able to access them with no buffering and no unnecessary waiting.
  • Backups - do you backup your site? Most backup solutions will backup your database and NOT your media.
  • Security - make sure that your content is not exposed to download and to users that are not permitted to view it.
  • Scalability - when you have more than a few visitors per day, will your hosting server be able to support them?
  • Mobile phones, smart phones and iPhones/iPad support and many other features that you can't even think that you need or will need.

For entry level sites we offer a completely free account that you can setup in seconds. If you are using one a low-cost shared hosting solution for your website, improve your website by letting Cincopa do the media hosting for you. Low-cost shared hosting is good for hosting a basic website but it is not optimized to serve your videos, photos or music. Combining your hosting solution with Cincopa will render a professional site. 

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