How do I resynchronize a gallery?

The gallery resync is a mechanism that make sure that all files from a specific gallery are stored on the server in the correct version. Versions of the file mean :

  • For photos – 4 types of resized photos , 100x75, 200x150,  600x450 and 1024x768
  • For videos – flv (flash) version, 3gp (for mobile), mp4 for smart phots etc
  • For audio – if audio is not mp3 then server will store also an mp3 version.


When you click on the resync, Cincopa will go over the gallery and make sure all files are stored.

If you need to resynchronize ("resync") a gallery, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Cincopa Account. 
  • Click My Galleries
  • Choose "Resync"


  • The gallery will resync and the status will change to a green check mark when the gallery has successfully resynchronized. 
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