Frequently Asked Questions About Publishing Videos

So you want to publish videos? Great! Cincopa is the best place to do so. Publishing videos on Cincopa and displaying the videos on your website is quick and easy - Cincopa takes care of most of the work for you.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Publishing Videos

Do I have to convert .mov videos to .mp4 first or does your system do that as I upload? 
Cincopa does all of the converting for you. All you need to do is upload the video in whatever format you captured it in. 


Do I need to put the metadata at the beginning of the video before I upload it, or does your system take care of that?
We put the metadata and prepare your file to progressive download and streaming.


Why is my video is pixelated or blurry?
If your video look pixelated, upload a different source of the file :

  • With a different file format and make sure it is as raw (uncompressed) as possible. (.flv format is not recommended)
  • With a larger video size
  • With a higher bit rate


What formats do you support?
We support all the major video formats and codecs. Here is the list of the major formats and codecs :

  • avi 
  • mov 
  • wmv 
  • mp4 / m4a / f4a / f4b / f4v / f4p 
  • m2ts / mts 
  • vob 
  • mkv 
  • rmvb 
  • m1v 
  • qt 
  • div / divx 
  • dv 
  • 3gp / 3gpp / 3g2 
  • mpg / mpeg / mpe 
  • flv (.flv format is not recommended)

There is no preferred format as we do support many of them.


What format should I use to get better results?
Use the rawest format that you have. Cincopa will encode your video to support many devices, therefore it is better not to encode the video yourself and to use it as you got it from the camera or editing software. 

Video quality is slightly better when you upload the video to your CloudDrive vs. using the Cincopa Desktop Media Agent to upload.


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