How can I fix Sync Error in my gallery

Sometimes you may see sync_error.png message near you gallery .

If clicking "Resync" as shown below doesn't solve the issue, please continue reading



There are 2 possible reasons for Sync error.

1.  The video couldn't be re-encoded (transcoded) to one of the formats needed in order to play it on the web or mobile.

It usually can happen with .mov file. Having it edited in editor software can increase the chance for sync error.

To solve the problem, please export your video in .mp4 format and upload it again to your Cincopa gallery


2.  If you are using desktop agent , sync error can be caused by agent being down or by unsupported video format.

The solution is to upload your video directly to Cincopa gallery

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    David Glines

    Thanks for the tips. What is affiliate program about? I tried to reach the support team, but in vain. I'm planning to write a business plan for and sync media into the project. The financial report schemes and graphs.

    I'm helping Bryn Mawr College financial team.

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