How to remove items from your existing Cincopa gallery

Cincopa offers the feature that allows you to remove an individual file or files from the gallery already embedded on the website.

Once removed from the Cincopa gallery the files will not show up in the website. However, you can add the removed file, back to the gallery from the "My Media" tab.

You don't have to re-embed the gallery to your website.

Here are the steps to remove the files from the existing gallery:


 1. Go to My Galleries

2. Click on 'More Actions' under the gallery you would like to edit and click 'Text & Reorder'

  Delete items from your gallery -  You can also "Undo delete" if the item was removed by mistake.




The changes are saved automatically

The gallery is now ready.

Note: There is no need to embed the gallery again in your page, the changes will be reflected after you reload the webpage your gallery is located at.



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    ronald andrews

    Good instructions!  Thank you!

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    Joe Martínez


    Si yo tengo una galería con 50 archivos y deseo borrar 15 archivos solamente, ¿debo seleccionar uno a uno e ir borrando cada selección o existe una opción para eliminar todos los seleccionados con un solo clic?

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    Peggy Tuttle

    It looks like the interface has changed somewhat, but I was able to find what I needed. Thank you!

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