How to delete media files from Assets page

  Deleting galleries from your Cincopa account does not remove files from My Media page too. This is the reason why your storage from your account is not updated after deleting galleries.

          For more details on how to delete galleries from your account please check article


In order to remove media files from My Media page please follow the steps below:

Go to My Assets page.



In order to locate unused media files please filter after 'All items (Sort by #Used)'.

0 = means the file is not used in any gallery, therefore it can be kept for later use or deleted to increase storage for your account.





You can select one or more unused media files manually or click on Check All  > this will automatically select all unused media files from records displayed in the current list.



After selecting unnecessary files click 'Delete' button.



A warning pop-up message will be displayed.



Just drag files to trash and you're done. 

A notification message will be displayed. 



You have successfully deleted unused media files from My Assets page to increase storage for your Cincopa account. 


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    Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to drag the media file from the assets folder to the "eternal trash bin."  I get as far as the pop-up warning you described, but when I click on the media file, it does not drag anywhere.


    Help, please!

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    I have the same problem. My media files can't be dragged anywhere.

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    I was amazed at how simple Nicoleta showed it to be.  Look for that popup that says WAIT! at the top, the one showing the arrow between a document on the left and the trash can on the right.  I thought this was demonstrating how to do it, so then I went and looked for a trashcan somewhere on the page.  BUT, you actually do that dragging right there on the popup.  Yep, just drag that document icon from the left side over to the trash can icon on the right, and the file is deleted!

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