Download CMS Plugins

Wp.gif Wordpress


Buddypress_logo.gif Buddypress

  • Our standard Wordpress plugin will work on Buddypress for the blog/site owner Wordpress.
  • This plugin will allow visitor to add photos, videos and music to your Buddypress site, works like Facebook photos Easy Album plugin

Joomla_icon.png Joomla


Drupal_icon.png Drupal

Wiki_icon.png MediaWiki

  • This is a simple extension which allows you to put a Cincopa Multimedia Gallery in your MediaWiki articles, so you can enjoy rich video streaming, image galleries, music and podcasts in your wiki site.

Windows_Live_Writer_logo.png Windows Live Writer

  • Every CMS that Cincopa support can be used with Windows Live Writer, first step is to install the plug for your CMS for example install the Wordpress Plugin.
  • Next step is to create your gallery and when you are done copy the tag (will look like this [cincopa 1234567]) and paste it at your Windows Live Writer post, click publish and you are done.


Following is a list of CMSs that we support but we don't have a specific plug-in or extension. Use the HTML version of your gallery (get code page) and paste it in the right place in the CMS.

  • Weebly
  • Webs
  • Typepad
  • phpbb
  • moodle
  • TYPO3
  • vBulletin


If you've tested or want us to test Cincopa with a CMS that is on this list please let us know :

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