How to add Cincopa gallery to Tripod CMS website

Cincopa gallery can be used with website creating software.

To add the gallery to your Tripod website please go to Tripod control panel.


Choose  "Base Content" category  from the "Add-ons" menu




Choose and drag the "Custom HTML" add-on to the desired location on your webpage.




Once the add-on is added, you will need to paste the Cincopa gallery code into it.

To do so please click the settings icon on the add-on



Name your gallery and enter the Cincopa HTML code to the "Custom HTML" field and click "Save". Click here to see how to get the code



Please note that free Tripod users can use only the frame code without  JAVASCRIPT which is located right beside to the regular code. Paying Tripod users should be able to use any Cincopa HTML code.



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    David Glines


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    Seems that SilverStripe is easier and it doesn't take much time at all. Though it has a lot of disadvantages (in terms of academic courses).

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