I'm getting the error message "Cincopa user is out of storage quota" on a gallery, what does this mean?

The error message "Cincopa user is out of storage quota. If you are the owner you can add a package and resync the folder."  has a couple potential causes:

  • You may be over your storage or traffic quota. Log in to your Cincopa account and check your usage. If you have exceeded your quota, you can visit our Add Package page to add additional traffic to your account.  After upgrading your account by adding one or more packages, resync your galleries to continue using your account. 
  • You might have two accounts and one of them is out of storage or traffic. This is very common problem, try to remember if you ever logged with different email or user login. If you can’t locate the account send us a link to the page in your site where you get the message and we’ll try to locate the source account for you.

Note: Due to security issues we’ll only be able to send you the account owner email or user login to the email address from the other account so you will need to have access to the email address registered for that account. 

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