Customize Your Skin

You've selected a skin on the Skin Selection page. Now you're ready to customize your skin and give it a personal touch. The settings you choose on this page are the skin's parameters and range from the size of the gallery to how quickly you want rotating images to turn.

Important: The settings available for you to customize will depend on what skin you have chosen. The following will give you an indication of the types of settings you can set. To help you with unfamiliar settings, hover over the text box or selection box to view a screen tip for the field.


  1. Under Customize your skin, under Basic tab, set a name for the gallery and select a height and width for your gallery.
  2. Under Advanced tab, customize your gallery further. This tab is available for Premium users only.
    • Coolris – will add a link to you gallery and allow your users to use the cool Cooliris player, which is a popular new way of browsing images and videos
    • Allow Download – will let your users download the original files using a zip file. Remember that in this instance, users will be able to use your images as they wish
    • Domain Lock – Will lock your gallery to your site so that nobody will be able to hack into it
    • Remove Cincopa Branding – (only available for premium users) will remove Cincopa branding from your site though we don't know why you'd want to ...
    • Thumbnail Size – select the size of the thumbnails you want to display
    • Content Size – sets the size of your media content
    • Tooltip- A tooltip is the small boxed text message that pops up when a mouse cursor hovers over an item. Use this parameter to set the content of the tooltip.
    • Ligthbox Text- Use this parameter to set which text to display in the lightbox (when user click on the image).
      Note: Make sure iFrame is selected (when available) if your gallery is not working inside a page and the page will be placed inside an HTML iFrame. An iFrame is simply a method of placing one HTML page in another.
  3. At the top right hand side of the page, click Save Settings and Continue.

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