How to Create a Gallery - guide

How to create a gallery

 You can easily create a media gallery for your web site using Cincopa in just a few easy steps.

A media gallery is simply a collection of media files, such as images, video, audio or podcast files.

With Cincopa, you can personalize these galleries using different skins (styles) from Cincopa skins gallery. You can select a skin according to the media you are

displaying and the style of your web site.

Please visit Cincopa skins gallery page to see the available skins. After uploading your files you will be able to preview the gallery and easily change the skin to

adjust the look which you would like to get.

Gallery styles vary from classic to flamboyant for different types of media, and give you a number of choices of how you want individual files to be displayed.

Ready!? Let's get started! Follow these steps to create your Cincopa Gallery. 


  • Sign up for Cincopa account or Sign in to your existing Cincopa Account. 

  • Go to your personal menu and choose "Create a New Gallery" option.

  • Choose what kind of media the gallery will hold. You will then be taken to the skin selection screen.


  • Now you can preview a skin for your gallery from the list below.


  • Select your skin and preview it. Then click "Use this skin" to continue with the selected skin or choose different one.


  • Set the name of your gallery (1) and adjust the basic settings of your gallery (2)



Now you can update some advanced skin settings (some of the features are available to premium users only). Then you can preview your gallery again to see how it looks after the adjustment of the settings or continue to images upload.

 As a premium user you can customize your gallery settings, remove Cincopa brand to make the gallery look more natural on your website, allow your visitors to download files from your gallery, change the size of the displayed thumbnails and adjust many other settings based on your skin design




  • You can change your gallery skin by clicking "Change skin" and then preview the gallery again.

  • You can check different skins till you will find the one you like


  • Once you are done with the skin and the settings, click "Next"

  • Files counter for currently uploading items and Total files in Gallery for already uploaded items.


  • Choose your preferred upload method.

Cincopa makes great effort to allow you the most convenient upload methods, you can upload your files in a regular way by dragging your files from PC or you can choose to upload your photos directly from your Facebook or Instagram account, upload from Dropbox, even upload videos directly from webcam (awesome feature for video bloggers) or upload your video or music from url.


Please note that you don't need to resize and convert your images or video and music files.

Cincopa platform does it for you. Just upload your files


Free account users can upload up to 400MB of files ( up to 100MB for single file).

Premium users can increase the amount of storage, upload and traffic quota using various Cincopa subscription plans


  • Add tags, caption and description to your images
  • You can share your uploaded file using uniques share link
  • You can add external link to each file uploaded
  • You can add beautiful effects to your images now with the Free Online Editor Cincopa offers
  • Reorder files in your gallery with the top Up/Down controls that let you reorder media assets in the most convenient way. Simply click on the arrow to move the file to the top or to the bottom, or just drag and drop it to the desired position.

NOTE:  Please pay attention for changes to be "Saved" before leaving the page. 



Please note that you don't need to resize and convert your images or video and music files.

Cincopa platform does that for you. Just upload your files.


Free account users can upload up to 400MB of files ( up to 100MB for single file).

Premium users can increase the amount of storage, upload and traffic quota using various Cincopa subscription plans


  • You can drag and reorder your files to be displayed in the order you desire. You can use also Grid and Small Grid views to make the reorder easier. 


  • Use our NEW and faster uploader - allows you to upload files up to 5GB in size.

  • Delete items from your gallery -  You can also "Undo delete" if the item was removed by mistake.




  • Get embed code for individual video files



  • You can set thumbnail for your video files uploaded in gallery




  • You can quickly and easily sort your uploaded media files  by file name and by caption in an ascending or descending order





  • Once the images upload and reordering is completed, Click "Next"


  • You are almost ready. Choose the method you want to embed the gallery to your website.


Embed regular HTML code - compatible with any website:




Embed iFrame code when your CMS doesn't support Javascript




Embed in Wordpress




  • You can preview your gallery again before embedding or sharing.

You may also easily share your gallery in social media websites. Just copy the link and paste on your Facebook/Google+/Twitter or any other media page




  • Copy the code and paste it in your blog or website.




30px-Wordpresslogo.gif For Wordpress

Copy the wordpress tag and paste it in your blog. Tag should look something like this [cincopa 12345678]


Get Wordpress plugin directly from site, install it and follow the instructions.


Read more about Wordpress MU and BuddyPress


30px-Drupal_icon.png For Drupal

Copy the Drupal tag and paste it in your site. Tag should look something like this [cincopa 12345678]

Get Drupal Module for site.


 For iTunes

Copy the link for your iTunes and paste it in your site. Feed should look something like this


 For other web sites

Simply copy and paste the appropriate code into your Blog or site.






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