Students Get Cincopa Free!

Students are the future. And Cincopa is proud to offer all currently enrolled College and University students afree Cincopa Pro Account. You’ll be able to access and use all our Pro Features and Skins for music, video, images, slideshows and podcasts.

Everything we offer in our Pro Account is yours FREE . Sound good? Here’s how to get yours:

1. Create a Cincopa Account with a valid .edu email address

2. Visit the Cincopa Helpdesk and request that we activate your Free Pro Account, like this:

Students get Cincopa free for one year

That’s it! Once your account has been activated, you’ll receive a Welcome Email from us and you’re on your way to all Cincopa Pro Features for free!

P.S. Special bonus points and good Karma to those students who elect to add a “Powered By Cincopa” badge on their site’s footer and link it to our homepage:
Get your badge here.

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    Okunz McXavier

    but what if my email does not end with .edu

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    Omar Garcia


    Thanks for writing us. 

    Then I'm afraid it does not qualify for a Students Free Pro Plan Cincopa Account, it has to be created with .edu


    Omar - Cincopa Support Team

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    Great news. Many students like myself do appreciate it. And it would definiltey be nice if other companies like essay grader followed in your footsteps. Nevertheless, I have a question - what happens if I'm graduating college in few months? Would subscription be cancelled or I may use it for one year?

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    thanks for this aptoide 

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    Thanks for this informative news, ciocopa is totally free for students! it is really helpful for us to set the skin on music, videos, images and slide shows it is mind blowing but f you face any probelem to get the saved data then you should must have a knowledge of how to use alarms in windows 10/ to get remind about your work.

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    <a href="">May 2018 Calendar PDF</a>

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