New Embed Gallery page

You can get to this page by navigating to Galleries and then click on 'Embed Gallery'. More info on how to get code for your gallery: 




HTML code displays by default. 



 And here's what you can do on Embed Gallery page: 

1. Preview gallery. More info here:



2. View embed gallery status. 



3. Frequently Asked Questions on embed galleries with answers and links to help articles.



4.  Enable Cincopa SEO tools or remove SEO tags from embedding code. More info here:


5. Choose the method you want to embed the gallery to your website

Embed regular HTML code - compatible with any website:


Embed iFrame code when your CMS doesn't support Javascript



Embed in Wordpress


You may also easily share your gallery in social media websites. Just copy the link and paste on your Facebook/Google+/Twitter or any other media page


Copy the code and paste it in your blog or website.

30px-Wordpresslogo.gif For Wordpress

Copy the wordpress tag and paste it in your blog. Tag should look something like this [cincopa 12345678]


Get Wordpress plugin directly from site, install it and follow the instructions.


Read more about Wordpress MU and BuddyPress


30px-Drupal_icon.png For Drupal

Copy the Drupal tag and paste it in your site. Tag should look something like this [cincopa 12345678]

Get Drupal Module for site.


 For iTunes

Copy the link for your iTunes and paste it in your site. Feed should look something like this


 For other web sites

Simply copy and paste the appropriate code into your Blog or site.


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