NEW Upload & Manage Assets page

You can get to this page either when creating your Cincopa gallery on step 3 or from Galleries page and then click 'Upload Files'  or  'Text & Reorder



And here's what you can do on Upload & Manage Assets page: 

1. Upload files to your gallery using Cincopa's different upload methods available: 


A. UPLOAD MULTIPLE FILES - using drag & drop or by manual selection: 


B. ADD FILES FROM YOUR MEDIA (Assets page) - by selecting files or you can also search to find it more easier. 



C. UPLOAD FROM EMAIL  - More info here:



D. RECORD FROM WEBCAM - Record a video and publish right now



E. WE LOVE DROPBOX  - upload directly from your Dropbox to your Cincopa account. 

NOTE: Files uploaded from Dropbox work only one at a time but as a solution you can install Dropbox on your computer and then use Upload Multiple Files or drag and drop upload methods.






G. BASIC UPLOADER  -  Click "Choose file" and choose your file from your PC.  Once done, click "Upload"




NOTE: Uploading from Youtube is not supported by Cincopa. Upload from URL will work as long as the URL is a direct video file URL. Instead you can convert Youtube videos to mp4 format files, save them to your computer and use Upload Multiple Files method.



2. Use our NEW and faster uploader - allows you to upload files up to 5GB in size.


3. Sort files - More info here:


4. List view


5. Grid view: 

6. Small Grid View: 

7.  Files counter for currently uploading items and Total files in Gallery for already uploaded items.


8. Drag & drop files to rearrange your gallery items - can be done on both List and Grid/Small Grid views: 


9. Delete items from your gallery -  You can also "Undo delete" if the item was removed by mistake.





10. Share your uploaded file using unique share link.



10. Change Thumbnail for video files once they're 100% uploaded. More info here:



11.  Get embed code for individual video files




12. Add tags, caption and description to your files and external link to each item uploaded.

NOTE:  Please pay attention for changes to be "Saved" before leaving the page. 



We really hope this will help. So, let us know what you think. As always, we’re eager to receive comments, suggestions and feedback.

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