How to add images to audio gallery

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    Bo Kauffmann

    I only wish it had audio as well

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    Nicoleta Halaciuga

    Hi Bo,

    We checked your account and it seems you have pro plan, with this you have all media files included this means also audio.

    If you need our assistance please open a support ticket and we'll get back to you asap with an answer. 

    Best regards,

    Nico - Cincopa Support Team

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    hello this is not difficult at all now a days very advanced tools are come but i think so writing better than audio, your images must speaks by graphically or either the words that use by professional content writers 

    solution of your problem:

    NOTE: The right order of the files should be: Image file >> Audio file. add it 

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    If you are putting text into the text field then yes, you will need to add the link in the text portion. If you omit the text portion, you can make it a link post which should be an option within the application you are using. Hopefully that makes sense, sometimes it's hard for me to put it into writing.

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    Wow! This is really a fantastic article, it helps me to add images to my audio gallery.

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