Using a Cincopa Gallery on a WordPress site without the Cincopa WordPress Plugin

How to Use a Cincopa Gallery on a WordPress Site without the Plugin

This article describes how to use a Cincopa Gallery on a WordPress site without installing the Cincopa WordPress Plugin. If you do not wish to install the Cincopa WordPress Plugin or have a WordPress site hosted at and cannot install plugins, you may use the steps here to use Cincopa with your WordPress site. 

This article assumes that you have already created and populated a gallery in your Cincopa Account. If you haven't done so, please read Step 1 and Step 2 (do not do Step 3) in the Getting Started Guide before continuing. 


Step 1: Getting the Gallery Code

    • Log in to your Cincopa Account.

1. Go to "My galleries"




2. Choose the gallery you want to share. Click small arrow sign near "Edit gallery" option to open additional options




3. Click "Embed it"




  • Click the HTML icon .  Do not click the WordPress icon. 
  • The box will look like the image below after you click the HTML icon. Copy the text in the box to your clipboard. 



Step 2: Pasting the Code into a Post or Page

  • Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Click Posts or Pages, depending on where you want your gallery displayed.


  • In the editor, click HTML to switch from the visual editor to the HTML editor.


  • In the content box, paste the code from the Cincopa site that you copied. 


  • Click Publish, Preview or Save Draft based on what you want to do with the post/page.


Your Cincopa Gallery will now appear on your page or in your post on your WordPress site! 

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