Cooliris 3D Wall Video and Images Gallery

CoolIris is a viewing experience. It offers the clearest, crispest image you can get. CoolIris is a leader in image display and a technology to watch.


Powered by Cincopa Multimedia Platform


Basic Parameters

  • Height - height of your gallery
  • Width - width of your gallery
  • theme - Sets the theme to use for the wall. This sets up different default background colors and button appearances.

Professional Parameters

  • Intro - Choose a different intro animation.
  • Backgroundcolor - Background color of the player.
  • Showsearch - Shows or hides the Search button.
  • Showtutorial - Shows a tutorial message, if set to true, when the user does not click on the wall.
  • Shownavarrows - Shows or hides the left/right navigation arrows.
  • Showchrome - Shows or hides the bottom toolbar background.
  • Numrows - Sets how many rows (1-7) of images to show in the user interface. As you show more rows, the wall is more CPU intensive and may run slower for older computers.
  • Showdescription - Shows or hides the item description overlay.
  • Showreflections - Shows or hides the reflections under the images.

Notes: Some settings can only be changed if you are a premium user.

To use this skin, click to start the wizard. Click "Save settings and continue". You will need to upload or select your photos and continue.

Finish the wizard, get the HTML code or tag and paste it in your post. You can go back at any point in the future to add/remove photos and edit the text.

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