Auto Viewer

Auto Viewer gives viewers a tantalizing view of the previous and next images in your gallery. The slideshow looks seamless. This is a very attractive skin for a professional presentation of your images.



  • AutoViewer - (800x400)

Basic Parameters

  • Height - height of your gallery
  • Width - width of your gallery

Professional Parameters

  • Cooliris – will add a link to you gallery and allow your users to use the cool Cooliris player, which is a popular new way of browsing images and videos
  • Allow Download – will let your users download the original files using a zip file. Remember that in this instance, users will be able to use your images as they wish
  • Domain Lock – Will lock your gallery to your site so that nobody will be able to hack into it
  • Remove Cincopa Branding – (only available for premium users) will remove Cincopa branding from your site ... though we don't know why you'd want to ...

Notes: Some settings can only be changed if you are a premium user.


WordPress plugin


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