There are a number of slideshow skins available. These are interactive skins, giving viewers the option to choose the pace they want to view the images. Slideshows offer clear menus and are great for training and lessons. Granny and the techno-ignoramuses out there will love the big clear instruction buttons. They are also popular for personal web sites so that viewers can select which images to focus on. Our favorite? The large slideshow with menu will make your gallery the centre of attention on your site.


Presets :

  • Slideshow - Small (350x282)
  • Slideshow - Medium (450x357)
  • Slideshow - Large (600x470)
  • Slideshow with menu - Small (350x140)
  • Slideshow with menu - Medium (450x200)
  • Slideshow with menu - Large (600x320)

Basic Parameters

  • Height - height of your gallery
  • Width - width of your gallery
  • Iframe - place the image in an HTML iFrame if the gallery is not working properly inside a page

Professional Parameters

  • Cooliris – will add a link to you gallery and allow your users to use the cool Cooliris player, which is a popular new way of browsing images and videos
  • Allow Download – will let your users download the original files using a zip file. Remember that in this instance, users will be able to use your images as they wish
  • Domain Lock – Will lock your gallery to your site so that nobody will be able to hack into it
  • Remove Cincopa Branding – (only available for premium users) will remove Cincopa branding from your site ... though we don't know why you'd want to ...
  • Thumbnail Size – select the size of the thumbnails you want to display
  • Content Size – sets the size of your media content
  • Rotate Time – defines how often each media in your gallery should change

Notes: Some settings can only be changed if you are a premium user.


WordPress plugin


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