Audio players skin settings



Gallery Title - This field is for your internal use only. It won’t be visible to your users. Give your gallery a name that will help you find it in the future.

Gallery Description - This field is for your internal use and helps with SEO tools only. It won’t be visible to your users. Describe your gallery in a way that will help you find it in the future.

Max Size of the Widget - The audio player is fully responsive and by default will automatically fill the max width of container where embedded. Use this field if you want to override the default and define your own player width.

Playlist Height - playlist height



Main CSS - Open CSS Editor to directly edit your audio player CSS code

Volume - define the player default volume 

Auto start - In Auto Start mode, your player starts playing automatically when the page is loaded, so the user doesn't have to click on the 'Play' button

Stop after each track - tracks will stop playing when it gets to the end, to continue playing visitor will have to click on the 'Play' button

Pause other players - When set to On, all other players on the page will be paused when this player is in play (note : will only work if iframe is set to Off)

Continue on reload - this setting helps you to continue playing from current position after page is reloaded

Continue playing on different pages - this setting helps you to continue playing from current position after page is reloaded, you can embed gallery for example in the footer and it will play for whole site pages

Auto repeat of playlist - when playlist gets to last track it starts from the beginning

Auto repeat of song - current playing track it continues to autoplay

Show playlist - display by default playlist

Playlist Text - display title/ description / or title & description on your player gallery

Show Shuffle - Off - shuffle not available

                    - On (default no shuffle) - shuffle is available but not functional by default - visitors can use it if needed

                    - On (default shuffle) - shuffle is available and functional by default 

Show progress bar - when set to On progress bar is available

Show navigation - Show navigation buttons

Show volume - display volume by default

Cover Image - set cover image for playlist

Image in playlist - set image in player for tracks in different sizes

Cover image max height - set cover image max height





Click on 'Design' tab to open pallet editor and select pre-defined color pallets from the drop-down menu, or choose your own color scheme to perfectly match your website design.




Stop button - show/hide stop button in player

Repeat button - show/hide repeat button

Playlist button - show/hide playlist button

Mute button - show/hide mute button

Chromecast button - show/hide chromecast button 




Allow Download - Allow user to download and save all files.
* Resized zip contains photos resized to 600x450, videos in mp4 format and music in original sampling.

NOTE: For more details about gallery zip download please click here

Domain Lock - Allow this gallery to appear only in the domains on this list. This will prevent others from grabbing your gallery to their site.
Type a list of domains separated by comma or leave empty to allow all domains.
No need for http://

Domain Lock MessageMessage to be displayed when the gallery is locked, leave empty to keep the default message.

NOTE: For more details about domain lock please click here

Password - Protected your gallery with a password. Give it to your users and only they will be able to access the content.

iFrame - Enable this option if the gallery is not working properly inside a page and the gallery will be placed in a HTML iframe.

Track Events with GA - When On the gallery will post events directly to your Google Analytics account where you can get detailed infromation about user engagement.

Search Box - Add a search box above the gallery to allow user to search the gallery.

NOTE: For more details about adding a search box to your gallery please click here

Right-Click Protection - Lock the right click to prevent downloading and saving your content or allow user to download and save individual files from your gallery

Right-Click Text - The text users will see on Right-Click.

Right-Click URL - Type in the Right-Click URL (target site URL when click on 'Right-Click Text')

Download size - Allow user to download individual files from your gallery. * Photos resized to 600x450, videos in mp4 format, audio in mp3 fromat or choose original size of uploaded item

NOTE: For more details about how to add right-click to your gallery or enable individual download for your files please click here

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