Responsive image gallery skin settings


It is recommended that for Responsive Image Gallery to be set a landscape orientation file to be set as first in gallery as that sets width and height for all gallery depending on file ratio. This skin supports both landscape and portrait orientation files. 



Gallery Title - This field is for your internal use only. It won’t be visible to your users. Give your gallery a name that will help you find it in the future.

Gallery Description - This field is for your internal use and helps with SEO tools only. It won’t be visible to your users. Describe your gallery in a way that will help you find it in the future.

Max gallery width – width of your gallery. Can be set in % or px, if is left empty then width will be automatically assumed to 100%.

Transition - type of transition between files 

Image size - image size to display in gallery




Autoplay - enable/disable autoplay on slider

Slideshow interval - time to display each image before changing

Transition speed - transition speed to change between images. The higher number, the slower transition.

Carousel speed - carousel speed for thumbs under slider

Carousel steps - no of steps when navigating between carousel thumbs 

Pause on interaction - enable/disable pause on hover or any other interaction

Show counter - show/hide counter of files

Show info - show/hide text box

Add text - display title, description or title and description

Show navigation -  show/hide previous/next arrows controls

Mute Video - set video muted while playing by default

Controlbar autohide - autohide video files controlbar when not on hover

Info button - when enabled it will display info button on left top and on-click make title/description available (show info gets hidden)

Galleria thumbs show/hide button - show/hide thumbnails button

Fullscreen button - show/hide fullscreen button

Caption box color - title and description background box color

Title color - title color

Description color - description color

Background color - gallery background color

Main CSS - allows you to edit the CSS yourself and create different gallery designs

Shuffle items - randomize / non-randomize files in slider

Related URL -  enable/disable external url on file click (can be opened in same tab or new tab)


Player Control: 


Show Play/Pause Button - By changing the toggle button to "Off" the "Play/Pause" button won't be visible in the player control 

Share button - Use share buttons to grab your visitors attention and increase sharing across devices - enable share in video player

Subtitle - show/hide subtitles in video player

Show Fullscreen Button - show/hide fullscreen button in video player

Show Volume Button - show/hide volume button in video player

Show time control - By changing the toggle button to "On" the time control indicating video length and time progress will become visible in the video player control

Show Progress Indication Bar - show/hide progress indication bar in video player

Controls color - customize theme color for your video player controls



Player Logo: 

NOTE: Player Logo is available only on video files not images. 

Logo Position - location for video files logo

Logo URL - Type in the Logo file direct URL.

Logo Click URL - Type in the click URL (target site URL when clicking the logo)

NOTE: For more details about watermark / branding features please click here.




Share Position - location left or right for social share icons

Social Sharing icons – can enable or disable any social sharing icon as needed




Allow Download - Allow user to download and save all files.
* Resized zip contains photos resized to 600x450, videos in mp4 format and music in original sampling.

NOTE: For more details about gallery zip download please click here

Domain Lock - Allow this gallery to appear only in the domains on this list. This will prevent others from grabbing your gallery to their site.
Type a list of domains separated by comma or leave empty to allow all domains.
No need for http://

Domain Lock MessageMessage to be displayed when the gallery is locked, leave empty to keep the default message.

NOTE: For more details about domain lock please click here

Password - Protected your gallery with a password. Give it to your users and only they will be able to access the content.

iFrame - Enable this option if the gallery is not working properly inside a page and the gallery will be placed in a HTML iframe.

Track Events with GA - When On the gallery will post events directly to your Google Analytics account where you can get detailed infromation about user engagement.

Search Box - Add a search box above the gallery to allow user to search the gallery.

NOTE: For more details about adding a search box to your gallery please click here

Right-Click Protection - Lock the right click to prevent downloading and saving your content or allow user to download and save individual files from your gallery

Right-Click Text - The text users will see on Right-Click.

Right-Click URL - Type in the Right-Click URL (target site URL when click on 'Right-Click Text')

Download size - Allow user to download individual files from your gallery. * Photos resized to 600x450, videos in mp4 format, audio in mp3 fromat or choose original size of uploaded item

NOTE: For more details about how to add right-click to your gallery or enable individual download for your files please click here


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