How to develop your own skin

Using the following method, one can develop an entire skin that will integrate with the product wizard, parameters mechanism and runtime mechanism, in fact this is how we are developing all the skins that are available in this product.

If you have an interesting skin we will be happy to come to an agreement to add it to our current offering.

Installing - Installing the skin is done using a javascript file that you should create. The js file should add the skin data to the global _wp_widget_arr var that holds all skins.
For example : http://www.cincopa.com/wpplugin/devpack/myskin.js

Testing - Test your skin using the regular wizard.
For example : http://www.cincopa.com/wpplugin/wizard_style.aspx?sfid=new&defskin=imagelistv2test&testskin=http://www.cincopa.com/wpplugin/devpack/myskin.js

Note - It is advisable to develop the skin using a local web server (like IIS) and still use the wizard to test it, this can done by changing the installation js to your localhost, for example http://www.cincopa.com/wpplugin/wizard_style.aspx?sfid=new&defskin=imagelistv2test&testskin=http://localhost/devpack/myskin.js.

When you are done with the development you should host your skin on your own server and add the install script to each gallery that you user, for example :



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