How to center your gallery on a website page

In order to center your gallery please follow the steps below:

1.  Create your Cincopa gallery.

2.  Choose a Responsive skin.   

3.  On step 2 click on “Advanced” tab.

4.  At “Main CSS” setting click "Edit" button to open the CSS editor




 5.  When the “Edit CSS” popup opens please add the following code at the top:

 #~gallery_div~ {margin: 0 auto!important;}




 6.  Click “Save” button. The “Edit CSS” popup will close.

 7.  Click “Use these Settings” button to move forward to the next step: step 3 – Upload files.


 8.  When you will embed your gallery it will be centered on the website page.





You can also check: Responsive Design Skins CSS Edit Option.


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