How to randomize images on photos/slideshows galleries

       Websites become very easy boring when images stay static therefore Cincopa offers the best solution for this > creating a fresh look by randomizing images each time the user visits the page.

In order to use this feature please follow the steps below:


1.  Create your Cincopa gallery.

NOTE: This feature is available only for new responsive gallery skins from Photos / Slideshows Media Type.


2.  On step 2 click on “Advanced” tab.



3.  Depending on skin gallery selected for your gallery you can find different setting name for Randomize/Shuffle feature. 

2015-05-25_1152.png   or       2015-05-25_1153.png

4.  Click “Use these Settings” button.



5.  Upload files.

Your gallery will gain the fresh look that you are looking for. 



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