How to use Video Thumbnails on Cincopa

Video thumbnail lets people see a quick snapshot of your video. After your video has finished uploading, you'll be able to choose a thumbnail from the options generated by Cincopa.


Here's how to change a thumbnail at any time for your Cincopa video:

1. Go to Assets page.


2. Upload or click on the corresponding video you'd like to change.

3. Video details page opens. Click 'Set Thumbnail' tab




4. Here you have two options:

A. Either click on ‘Click to set as thumb’ while playing video.

B. Or fill in manually in ‘by Seconds’ field for thumbnail you would like to display for your video and then click on ‘Set as thumbnail’.



4. Once the thumbnail is uploaded, don't forget to click the 'Save' button.

NOTE:  Each time this video will be used or has already been used in a Cincopa gallery it will be displayed with the same thumbnail.

Setting thumbnails for your videos can also be done on 'Upload & Manage Assets' page in creating your gallery: 




5.  Click 'Set Poster' : 



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