How to integrate email signup forms in Cincopa videos

With new Cincopa integration feature you can have an email collector form at the end of playing videos. This way you will be able to collect email subscriptions and any kind of data you are expecting to receive from your visitors.

You can now use Cincopa Email Collector to add forms by URL, html forms or static messages that will engage your viewers to take further actions and you'll have more power with your marketing tool and develop a stronger 1 to 1 relationship with your visitor.


New feature is available on the following video gallery skins:

Video Player with Horizontal Playlist

Video Player with Vertical Playlist

Video Player without Playlist

Responsive Video Gallery

Responsive Playlist over Video skin gallery

Overlay Video Skin Gallery


In order to use Email Collector please follow steps below:

  1.  Create your Cincopa gallery.

  2.  On step 2 click on “Email Collector” tab.



3.  Here you have the option to add a form either by link or by html code:

A. To insert a form by link please select from type 'URL' and at URL fill in link form (mailchimp was used for this example).

email_url.png                              email_url_01.png 






B. To insert a form with HTML please select from type 'HTML' and click on Edit to add the form html code and then save to save changes. 

email_html.png                 email_html_01.png




       email_04.png  email_html_02.png





C. To insert a static HTML message follow the same steps.


email_04.png  email_static.png






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