Customizable Audio Skin Design

Now we’ve taken our audio players one step further by giving you complete control over the look and feel of the customizable audio player you choose. Not only will your audio sound fantastic, it will look just as good, too – and you are in control of the design so that it perfectly matches the creative direction of your website or blog.

Here’s how to customize your own Audio Skin Design:

1.  Login to your Cincopa account. 

2. Click to load all audio available skins and select one of  them as needed:





4. Click on 'Design' tab to open pallet editor and select pre-defined color pallets from the drop-down menu, or choose your own color scheme to perfectly match your website design.


2015-07-29_1649.png                                         2015-07-29_1653.png


That’s it! You’re well on your way to creating beautiful sounding AND beautiful looking audio players for your website or blog.


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