How to share your files from Assets page

Here's how to share your files from My Assets page:

1. Go to 'My Assets' page.



2. Click on the file (image, video, audio) that you wish to share. 


Note: Update the Caption and description fields. This text will be shown in the post of your shared file.

If the fields remain empty, Cincopa's default text will be shown.

Note: If GPS tagging is enabled on the camera which was used to take the photo or video, then the map of the location where the photo/video was taken will be shown.

You can also use this option to download this file by clicking download icon.

3. Click on 'Share' tab. 


3. Choose the social network or platform to share your file.

4. You may also copy the URL of the unique page of your file to send it and/or click it to open and view your page

The page looks like that:


Your friends can comment on your file using Facebook.


The great thing about this page is that it is responsive and can be properly viewed on mobile devices too.




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