Why does my gallery not display correctly after embedding?

If you encounter issues in displaying your gallery after embed, this may be because of one or more problems in this create - embed gallery process. These possible causes include:


1. Website needs to be published. 

This is typically because you are still testing your gallery on your local server or PC. Once you "publish" your website, it will be visible. If not,contact us.


2. Gallery has been embedded with iFrame code. 

iFrame size needs to be set correctly so that it won’t crop part of the gallery at embed or just use regular html code or other code suited for your website cms builder.

HTML <iframe> width attribute - sets horizontal size in pixels
HTML <iframe> height attribute - sets the vertical size in pixels

Default Cincopa iFrame size is set to 600*430 :




iFrame embed : 



Regular HTML code embed: 




3. HTTP / HTTPS missing from code gallery link 

Of course we support both HTTP and HTTPS pages and if  your service has HTTPS connection then it will work HTTPS from our server too, you just need to make sure that the embed code is correct and you didn't changed it. 
Please note that any test page can be changed to HTTPS to see how it will work on a secure page, take for example https://www.cincopa.com/media-platform/test?fid=A4IA-RbWMFlu

We leave it empty on purpose so that galleries will work on both types of connections. 




4. Gallery alignment 

To center your gallery on a website page please check this article http://help.cincopa.com/entries/29517394-How-to-center-your-gallery-on-a-website-page


5.  Cropped images on Responsive jQuery Slider

This is a common problem that happens when you upload different image sizes to your jQuery Slider gallery 

To fix the problem, you can set the Original Size to the "ON" position, like is done in the following article: http://help.cincopa.com/entries/50538684-Are-your-images-in-your-jQuery-Slider-skin-gallery-being-cropped-


6. Big display on Responsive Image Gallery

For this skin gallery first image sets height for the whole gallery therefore this can be easily fixed by reordering files so that first image in gallery should be of landscape orientation type and not portrait. 

First uploaded image of Portrait orientation :



First uploaded image of Landscape orientation :




We really hope this will help. So, let us know what you think. As always, we’re eager to receive comments, suggestions and feedback.


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