How to add right-click protection to your galleries or enable individual download of your files

Cincopa provides a quick and easy way to secure your galleries. 

You can either enable right-click protection and secure your gallery content or disable it to allow saving content from your gallery and display Save option for image individual download. 

In order to use this feature please make sure you are logged in to your Cincopa account:

1. Click on Galleries

2. Go to Edit Gallery settings - Click on the gear icon under the gallery thumbnail

NOTE:  The gallery settings will open by default to Customize Skin page


3. Under Customize Skin

On the left panel click Misc tab and find Right Click Protection which is turned OFF by default.Make sure to save the changes and click on Use these settings to proceed to the next step

NOTE: Changes in the gallery will automatically sync and changes will reflect to a published gallery.



Off – The gallery content can be individually Saved by file when using the Right Click and 'Save as' option

ON – The Right Click Protection option is disabled


Right Click Protection ON Example: 

-       Once Right Click Protection is ON, you can set a Right Click text

-       On the Right Click Link, you can set the right click option to open to a specific URL.


Right Click Protection OFF Example: 

-       Once Right Click Protection is OFF, you will have the option to save the content into a zip folder 

-       The individually saved content will be downloaded in the web version format of your displayed gallery files



To enable individual download for your files in gallery: 

 Set Right-Click Protection to 'download' option and choose either to download individual files in web version or original size

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