Cincopa’s always on top video player


Receiver of your content will be able to watch digital content that you prepared for him, while reading written material, with our new video player. This is a very important function for all of those that have limited amount of time to get to know material that was prepared for them, or tend to skip it, because it makes them stop reading. Those people very rarely come back to the video prepared for them, because they forget about it or just don’t want to spend more time on it.

Having a small window with video played for them, while they are reading your content not only aid their experience in learning your material, but makes sure, that they seen the video, while reading further parts of the text on your website.



To get Always on top video feature:

1. Go to Customize Skin step. 

2. On the left panel click Advanced tab and turn 'Always on top' to ON.




Once the setting is ON, you will be able to customize the size and the location of the popup video.



Always on top size – size of the always on top popup video

Always on top top – distance in px from the top of the websites main frame. (The higher the value, the lower the video is located on site page ).

Always on to right – distance in px from the right side of the websites frame. (The higher the value the more it moves to the left side of the page.)


**Save all changes**

NOTE: This will only stream the main video frame and not the playlist included.


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